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Hemp Extract Creamy Chocolate Mocha + MCT Oil, Whey Protein and Raw Cacao for coffees, smoothies and desserts, 550mg (55 servings)

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Product Description

The first product in the Tinley’s Tonics line of health supplements. Get your daily hemp extract in a delicious spoonful of this creamy chocolate supplement. Eat on its own or add to coffees, shakes, desserts and anything else that could use a chocolatey twist. Also contains coconut-derived MCT oil, premium chocolate from raw, sustainably-grown cacao beans and lactose-reduced whey protein from grass-fed sources. Each 10mg serving is micellized to preserve the integrity of the hemp extract as it progresses through the digestive process, as well as to enhance absorption into the bloodstream and across the blood-brain barrier, compared with standalone oils. With naturally-occurring whole-plant constituents including Limonene, ß-Myrcene & Terpinolene terpenes. Made in the USA with hemp grown in high quality European farms. All batches are tested for phytoconstituent, terpene and other content.


550mg per bottle (55 10mg servings of micellized hemp extract)

Contains no sugar, gluten, GMO’s, meat products, soy, sesame seeds, sulfites, peanuts or any artificial ingredients. Suitable for lacto-vegetarians.


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