Does this product have a psychoactive effect?

No. While industrial hemp is a member of the same plant family as marijuana (cannabaceae family), hemp contains trace to no THC.

What extraction method is used to produce the hemp extract?

Supercritical CO2.

How is it sweetened if it’s sugar-free?

This supplement is sweetened with Xylitol (birch wood bark extract), Organic Vegetable Glycerin and Stevia.

What’s a micelle?

A micelle is a particle produced during digestion that contains both oil and water. It is the form in which oil is effectively absorbed through the gut membrane into the bloodstream. See the Formula section for additional information.

Where is Hemplify produced?

Hemplify is produced in Pomona, California, in a large-scale cGMP-compliant facility, with hemp extract sourced from countries with high environmental and labor standards (mainly France, Germany, and Denmark). We only use high quality hemp extract and all of our batches are third-party tested.

Where is this product available?

The product is available online throughout the continental USA and in select stores in California.

How can I be a Hemplify distributor, retailer, affiliate marketer or other partner?

If you would like to distribute our product, be a web affiliate or partner with us in any way, please click here.

Retailers in LA and Orange Counties can contact LA Distributing Company at www.ladistco.com for wholesale orders.